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Neuer Kamp 32 / 20357 Hamburg

IMPRESSUM • copyright by Alina Manoukian 2014
With her debut album "Na Mi Naz Ouni" Alina Manoukian achieved a unique and distinctive piece of world music. She performs old Armenian songs in the style of acoustic folk and singer songwriter that are free of any folklore cliché and with that she creates her very own aesthetics.

Alina Manoukian

06.12.14Nürnberg | Gostner Hoftheater
19.01.15Berlin | Maxim Gorki Theater Studio Я
11.02.15Frankfurt | Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
07.03.15Berlin | Maxim Gorki Theater Garderobenfoyer
05.04.15Berlin | Maxim Gorki Theater Studio Я
08.05.15Potsdam | Hans-Otto Theater
31.05.15Hamburg | Thalia Theater Nachtasyl
17.06.15Konstanz | Theater Konstanz
22.10.16Nürnberg | Gostner Hoftheater